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Customers Love Us

I just wanted to give a little testimonial to the Microtech we are using. I just did the inventory of pool towels from last year, and I would say we lost almost no towels last year. Most of them are still looking good, even getting daily use. We bought 320 towels last spring, and still have well over 300 that are still usable. I count that as a savings of about 200 towels.. at $11 each. That's money, guys. 

Linda at Francis Ford Coppola Winery
Fishman is our number 1 option when it comes down to ordering any supplies for our warehouses and offices. This is due to the exceptional customer service that they provide, they are knowledgeable about all their products and are always so friendly in helping us order what we need. We receive our requests in timely manner, we have never had an issue with receiving what we need. What makes Fishman standout from the rest is the willingness to help their customers and making them happy. Jodi at Fishman is outstanding, she comes in to our facilities when we need help on projects such as changing our office space. Providing more than one option , she goes beyond her duties in order to help us. We are extremely happy with Fishman and their staff.
Daniel Sanchez at Biagi Brothers
American Sanitation has been doing business with Fishman Supply Co. since 2014. Jodi came by our new location in American Canyon and explained that Fishman could meet our needs for the supplies we use. We not only need supplies for our portable toilet business, but also for the office. When she handed me the catalog, I was like WOW, this is so awesome. Jodi has definitely surpassed what she said she would do and provided us with EXCELLENT customer service. I am so THANKFUL she stopped by. Everyone has been great to deal with! It really saves us so much time from picking up our own supplies, delivery twice a week, who could ask for anything better. Jodi stops by almost every week to check in on us and to ask if we need anything. Just want to say THANKYOU Fishman Supply Co. & Jodi for the great service you provide.
Tracie Martinez at American Sanitation Vanguard
There is something to say about having a local business take care of your local business. The standard of customer service that you provide, has been the best I have seen in my 28 years in the hospitality business. You’re always there when we need you!
John O’Neil at Food and Beverage Director

Customers Love Us

There is something to say about having a local business take care of your local business. The standard of...
John O’Neil at Food and Beverage Director

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