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Honeywell HRFC2 HEPA-type Replacement Filter

SKU # 99423 MFG Part #: HWLHRFC2

HEPA - For Air Purifier - Remove Odor

  • Replacement filter captures an incredible 95 percent of airborne particles at two microns and larger
  • Filter effectively reduces unpleasant odors such as pet cooking and smoke odors
  • HEPA-type filter allows the ideal breathing space and keeps your surrounding area smelling fresh
  • Filter is compatible with Honeywell 16200 HHT-011 HHT-080 HHT-081 HHT-090 HHT-145 HHT-149 and HHT-085; Vicks V9070 and V9071; Holmes HAP240 HAP243 HAP2404 HAP2400 HAP412 HAP422 HAP424 and HAP242.

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