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Fellowes AP-230PH Air Purifier True HEPA Replacement Filter

SKU # 89062 MFG Part #: FEL9370001

HEPA - For Air Purifier - Remove Pollen Remove Allergens Remove Mold Spores Remove Dust Mite Remove Germs Remove Pet Dander Remove Smoke Remove Ragweed Remove Odor - 99.97% Particle Removal Efficiency Particles - 13.1" Height x 11" Width x 1.2" Depth - Microfiber Glass

  • True HEPA Filter safely removes 99.97 airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns including pollen ragweed and other allergens mold spores dust mites viruses germs pet dander cigarette smoke and odors
  • Filter is compatible with the Fellowes AP-230PH Air Purifier
  • Filter is made of microfiber glass.

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