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Premier Stakcut Paper Trimmers

SKU # 77254 MFG Part #: PRE715

Cuts 30Sheet - 15" Cutting Length - Straight Cutting - 0.8" Height x 13" Width x 14.9" Depth - Wood Base Steel Blade - Green

  • Heavy-duty paper trimmer is specially made to accurately cut paper matte board cardboard film tissue and textiles
  • Through-hardened steel blades precision-angle cut up to 30 sheets at once
  • Heavy 3/4" wood base offers a permanent 1/2" alignment grid and dual Imperial/metric rulers for precise cuts
  • For safety precautions the patented automatic blade latch locks with every cutting motion
  • Safety features also include finger guard to protect the entire length of the blade
  • Torsion spring prevents blade from accidentally falling during operation
  • Hand-operated clamp holds items securely for accurate cutting
  • Design also offers an ergonomic soft-grip hand grip for comfort and nonskid rubber feet.

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