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Honeywell Permanent Filter Tower Air Purifier

SKU # 65671 MFG Part #: HWLHFD120Q

170 Sq. ft. - Black

  • Tower Air Purifier with permanent filter offers quiet oscillating operation and 99 percent efficient at capturing a variety of harmful indoor air particles such as: smoke dust pollen and pet dander
  • QuietClean air purifier circulates and filters the room air every 12 minutes
  • Air purifier includes a washable filter and LED touch button controls with three air cleaning levels
  • Air purifier is designed for a 13' x 13' (170 square feet) room
  • An electronic indicator reminds you when to simply rinse the filter in water four times a year
  • Air purifier is certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers
  • Energy Star qualified.

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