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Power Pad 2000, 5.5 X 3.9, Dark Blue, 20/carton

SKU # 17908 MFG Part #: 2000CC

Scours seven times faster and is 10 times less abrasive than other medium-duty commercial scouring pads. Unique bow-tie shape.
** This item is no longer available **

  • Scours two-four times faster and six-ten times less abrasive than other medium/heavy-duty commercial scouring products.
  • Unique bow-tie shape.
  • Made of durable synthetic fibers that are crimped and heat set to create a strong web.
  • Contains unique soil-removing particles for effective scouring, cleaning, and scrubbing that are evenly distributed throughout the pad to ensure effective, consistent scouring, and lasting performance throughout the life of the pad.
  • Designed to provide resistance to degradation from exposure to hot water, detergents and normal cleaning liquids.

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