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Sugar In The Raw Sweetener Packets

SKU # 17832 MFG Part #: FOL50319

0 lb (0.2 oz) - Molasses Flavor - Natural Sweetener - 200/Box

  • Enjoy the natural rich flavor of sugar with Sugar In The Raw
  • Sprinkle or stir in the delicious flavor of unbleached authentic and unrefined sugar into your favorite beverage or food
  • You can also use it to bake or cook
  • This turbinado sugar is a raw sugar that is obtained or crystallized from the initial pressing of sugarcane
  • The hearty golden crystals aren't stripped of any color or flavor giving it a natural taste
  • All-natural Sugar In The Raw has no additives
  • The distinctive taste comes from the molasses that naturally occurs in the crystals
  • Each packet contains 4.5 grams.

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