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Accumulair Platinum Air Filter

SKU # 152354 MFG Part #: FLNFA13X215A4

For Air Conditioner Furnace - Remove Mold Spores Removes Mildew Remove Bacteria Remove Micro Organisms Remove Allergens Remove Dust Remove Smoke Remove Pet Dander Remove Dust Mite - 13" Height x 21" Width x 1" Depth
** This item is no longer available **

  • Platinum air filter for furnaces and air conditioners features a supercharged design to attract particulates like dust to a TV screen and provide up to 30 times more efficiency at capturing allergens than ordinary fiberglass filters
  • Its uniform pleat shape delivers a high level of dust holding capacity and maximizes airflow for effective performance for up to 90 days
  • Chemical-free construction eliminates worry of adding unnecessary chemicals to your air and does not support the development of mold mildew bacteria or other microorganisms in normal use
  • Air filter is designed to capture fine airborne allergens such as dust smoke pet dander dust mites and more.
  • Recycled PCW:
This is a green product

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