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Swingline SmartTouch Low-Force 3-Hole Punch

SKU # 105286 MFG Part #: SWI74134

3 Punch Head(s) - 12 Sheet - 9/32" Punch Size - Black Gray

  • Perfect for any office worker's desktop this easy-to-use three-hole punch reduces the amount of effort it takes to punch holes
  • The low-force punch design of the SmartTouch makes it 40 percent easier to use than with a standard paper punch
  • Punch three crisp clean holes through as many as 12 sheets
  • Hole pattern in punch base allows you to see when chip tray is full
  • Punch has a removable base and a back opening for quick paper-chip disposal
  • The resulting 9/32" holes from the fixed punch heads are perfectly spaced to easily insert sheets into a three-ring binder or presentation folder
  • Soft grip handle further increases comfort of the manual hole punching
  • Handle locks into a closed position for compact storage
  • Durable metal hole punch also features a built-in ruler and edge guide for better punch alignment.

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