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Rubbermaid Yellow Press Wring Bucket

SKU# 42091 MFG Part# RCPQ90088

Use when flood cleaning or heavier liquid lay-down is desired. Press sieve provides easy, "no-touch" wringing. Non-marking casters. For use with single-sided microfiber flat mops up to 18" L. Floor drain for fast emptying. 14.5" L x 26.2" W x 16.1" H.

Avail: 3

Square Scrub Bucket on a Stick - 24"

SKU# 114054 MFG Part# SSB0S24

Lay floor finish with an effective and efficient tool which holds 5 quarts of finish dispersed over a microfiber mop head. Easy to use controls allow for quick maneuvering and great results. Long lasting American made components. Microfiber mop head co mes in 18" or 24" sizes and applies the finish quickly and smoothly. Easy to clean and maintain. 3/8" surgical tubing. Aluminum handle.

Avail: 4

delamo Dock n' Mop Microfiber Bucket

SKU# 96531 MFG Part# 8024

Equipped with a snap-on water/air-tight lid and comfort grip handle. Serves as a solution soaking/charging bucket for pad preparation. Molded with high-impact resistant polypropylene. Smooth, non-porous surface for easy cleaning. 3" non-marking industria l style red casters.

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