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Ansell AlphaTec Lightweight Urethane Apron - 35" x 48", Blue

SKU# 48579 MFG Part# ANE56-601-35X48

This nylon reinforced apron features 7 mil urethane with sewn edges and offer users a combination of chemical protection, flexibility and toughness. 3-piece 28" ties and sealed grommets provide a durable, consistent and adjustable fit. Use wherever oil, g rease and chemicals are present. Helps workers keep clean and protected from harmful contact. Superior flexibility and excellent resistance to chemicals, fats, oils and grease. Sealed grommets allow for size adjustment without tear-out.

Dart Horizon Foam Cup - 16 oz., Cranberry

SKU# 194 MFG Part# 12501610

The Horizon design adds a touch of color to any beverage service, while providing an economical alternative to custom print. Suited for hot or cold beverages, they are color coded by size. Lids interchange between the most popular sizes which allows you to simplify your operation and minimize inventory requirements. Use any 16 series lid.

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