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3M Niagara 5300N Blue Cleaner Pad - 13"

SKU# 1347 MFG Part# PAD4013BLU

Every floor pad in the 3M line is designed and manufactured with a uniform coating throughout, assuring longer-lasting performance in a variety of maintenance operations. Done prior to replacing worn finish; provides a fresh new surface. Use with R otary or Automatic. Low Speed 175-600 RPM.


Carlisle Sparta Straight Fryer Brush-28", 1 3/8" Bristles

SKU# 143039 MFG Part# 40110

Made of stiff, Teflon bristles that withstand temperatures up to 500 F. High temperature brushes save time since equipment can be cleaned while it is still hot. Promotes more frequent cleaning to meet sanitation regulations and improve food flavor. The straight fryer brush is 28" long to reach tight, narrow spaces and has 1 3/8" Teflon bristles, the 23" L-tipped end fryer brush is efficient for cleaning coils and has 7/8" Teflon bristles and the 24" looped brush cleans fryer bottoms easily an d has 2" Teflon bristles. The straight fryer brush is 28" long to reach tight, narrow spaces and has 1 3/8" Teflon bristles. Discontinued.

Dart Horizon Foam Cup - 16 oz., Cranberry

SKU# 194 MFG Part# 12501610

The Horizon design adds a touch of color to any beverage service, while providing an economical alternative to custom print. Suited for hot or cold beverages, they are color coded by size. Lids interchange between the most popular sizes which allows you to simplify your operation and minimize inventory requirements. Use any 16 series lid.

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