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Rubbermaid Heavy Duty Platform Truck - 60" x 30", 8" Poly

SKU# 43615 MFG Part# RCP4471GRA

Ideal for moving large, heavy, oversized loads in a variety of environments from retail to construction. Variable grip-height handle improves control and worker safety. Powder-coated steel creates a hard finish that is far tougher than conventional pain t. Retainer clips prevent unintended handle removal. Perimeter deck channel retains small items. Textured deck surface reduces load slippage. Four molded-in tie-down slots for securing loads with tie-down straps or bungees. Duramold's exclusive, precision-engineered resin and metal composite structure provides maximum load support. Black. Crossbar handle. 8" x 2" polyolefin casters. 2000 lb. Capacity.

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