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Carlisle Flo-Pac Strata-Grit Stripping Brush - 15"

SKU# 11309 MFG Part# 361500G60-5N

For aggressive scrubbing of concrete surfaces and aggressive stripping of resilient floors. Blue colored .060" Dupont Tynex A Nylon fibers impregnated with 46 grit silicon carbide. Replaces high productivity pads. Available in 11"- 20" diameter show erfeed blocks with 1-3/4" trim. Splash guard included.

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Flo-Pac Colortech Red Grit Brush - 15"

SKU# 2988 MFG Part# R150GC50116RI

Replaces red floor pads (formerly Scrub-Grit II). For medium to mildly aggressive cleaning of ceramic tile, concrete, marble, non-slip flooring, quarry tile, rubber, slate, terrazzo, and VCT. Irregular bristle length to assure cleaning on uneven surf aces. 1.5" nylon fibers impregnated with 320 grit silicon carbide. Available in 11" - 20" diameter showerfeed blocks with 1" trim. Great for grout lines less than 1/2" width.

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