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Impact 32 oz. Foam Gun

SKU# 1289 MFG Part# 7507

Minimize the amount of scrubbing required by using this hose-mounted foam gun. Water pressure operated hose-end foam gun; Minimum PSI 40, maximum PSI 60. Great when foam is desired to increase surface contact time. 4 oz. per gallon dilution pre-set. Tank holds 32 oz. of concentrate.

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Impact Foamer Deluxe Trigger

SKU# 56946 MFG Part# 7059

Adjustable nozzle allows you to customize your foam consistency. Turns many liquid products into a thick foam for application. 3-finger trigger reduces hand fatigue. 28/400 mm thread finish; 1.0 ml output; NOT a reshipper. Tube Size: 9 7/8".

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