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Arcoa E-Z Reacher - 32"

SKU# 1136 MFG Part# 32PDC1

Use around the garden, pool and pond. Keep your property tidy by retrieving fallen leaves and branches. Pick fruit from trees and ground. And, stay dry while removing litter from a pond, pool, spa or fountain. Safely pick up things you don't want to ha ndle or can't easily reach. Avoid dismounting from a riding mower, sweeper or golf cart. Retrieve objects as small as a dime or heavy as a 5# brick. Rust-free aluminum and stainless steel. Rubber cup pick up grips.


Carlisle Sparta Spectrum H-Lo Scrub Brush - Green

SKU# 144715 MFG Part# 4042309

Made with three different brush surfaces for cleaning at different angles. The split shape is efficient for cleaning flat surfaces, under counters, around equipment, and along baseboards. Non-absorbent plastic blocks and synthetic bristles wash easily a nd prevent gathering of mold and mildew. Threaded to accept your choice of handles (sold separately). Base resins used to produce blocks and bristles are made of FDA approved materials. 10".

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