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delamo Clip-On Dust Mop Frame

SKU# 1511 MFG Part# 8346

Constructed from 12-gauge steel with a nickel-plated head to resist corrosion. Features a 180 swivel head. Easy snap-on head can be changed while standing. Comes with a nylon sliding lock ring. 4.25" x 2.7" x 65".
** This item replaces: 147277 Genuine Joe Wood Dust Mop Handle **

CPI Smart Clean Washing Machine


13 lb., fully automatic microfiber washing machine. Wash up to 30 - 18" microfiber mops at one time. Fully automatic wash, rinse and spin cycles. Stainless steel inner tub. Programmable up to 24 hours in advance. Weighs just 61 lb., 110 volt, 22" x 22" x 36" high.

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