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CWC Machine Grade Stretch Film - 20" x 7500', 63 Ga.

SKU# 114817 MFG Part# 051276

Unrivaled load-holding force and unparalleled puncture resistance. Designed to provide enhanced protection for loads of all shapes and sizes. High pre-stretch levels. High film stretchability. Exceptional cling. Excellent clarity.
** NOTE ** Must be ordered in multiples of 40
** This item is no longer available **

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Inteplast "EP" Series Pallet Stretch Film - 80 Gauge, 20"

SKU# 1832 MFG Part# MW20805K

Superior quality linear low-density stretch wrap. It's three-layer, coextruded design allows for excellent strength, puncture resistance, and stretch performance while being extremely clear and quiet. High quality linear low-density polyethylene stretch wrap. Use on conventional machinery on all load types, and in hot and cold environments. Engineered for all general purpose applications. 80 gauge, 20" Width, Clear film. 6,000 ft. per roll.

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