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Hawk BH20DT Air Mover

SKU# 93351 MFG Part# BH20DT

Small but mighty. This powerful 800 CFM multipurpose mini air mover is economical to purchase and efficient to operate. 10' 16-3 cord. Horsepower: 1/5; Amps: 1.5; Speeds: 3. Housing: PP Injection Mold; Timer: 3 hour. Positions: 0/20/45/90; The rmal protected.

Hawk BH33ADT Air Mover

SKU# 55820 MFG Part# BH33ADT

A exterior-rotor motor air mover. It is fully adjustable and comes with a 12 amp circuit breaker and a 3-hour time for unsurpassed functionality. CFM: 3600; HP: 1/3; Amps: 3.2; Speeds: Variable. Housing: ABS injection; Positions: 360; Cord: 20' 1 4-3. Auxiliary Outlet: 12 amp; Thermal Protected: Yes.

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