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Windsor Versamatic Commercial Upright Vacuum - 14"

SKU# 42691 MFG Part# 1.012-606.0

Precision engineering and durable construction enable the Versamatic to withstand years of daily use. It's injection-molded, high impact ABS plastic construction ensures a long machine life. Added assurance of a three year warranty on the vacuum moto r, brush motor and belts. Triple check filter bag and optional 0.3 micron Air Quality microfilter improve indoor air quality by trapping contaminants, preventing them from being recirculated into the air. In a single pass, 1000 watt vacuum motor and sepa rate brush motor allow you to clean deep into the carpet and remove dirt that can damage your carpet. Vacuum Motor: 1000 watt, 80" waterlift, 105 cfm. 48" H x 14" W; Electrical: 120V, 60 Hz. Brush Width: 12.25"; Power Cord: 40' w/strain relief.

Windsor Versamatic Plus Upright Vacuum - 18"

SKU# 23051 MFG Part# 1.012-040.0

Convenient pull-out wand with handle, increased hose length, and on-board accessory tools increase efficiency of detail cleaning. Powerful 1,000 watt motor picks up more dirt in a single pass. Electronic control system maintains consistent motor speed an d torque. 1000 watt, 80" waterlift, 105 cfm. 48" H x 18" W. 200 watt brush motor.

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