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CFR Defoam - Gal.

SKU# 8756 MFG Part#

Controls foam created from the removal of chemical residues from previous cleanings. Designed to float in workstation tank to prevent it from being recycled into the cleaning solution and deposited on fiber.

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Chemspec DynaForce 77 w/Biosolv - Gal.

SKU# 6069 MFG Part# C-LF774G

As one of the industry's best-selling liquid carpet cleaning formulations, it has been delivering the Gold Standard of cleaning for many years. Now fortified with Biosolv to break down all types of grease and oils in commercial and residential carpets. Economical and easy to use, it leave fibers cleaner, brighter and more resistant to resoiling. Delivers great results even with portable extractors.


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