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Manual Pot/pan Dish Detergent, 38 Oz Bottle, 8/carton

SKU# 2456 MFG Part# 45112

This highly concentrated liquid dishwashing soap has the grease-fighting power of Dawn and is specifically formulated for tough jobs at your business. This liquid dish soap is specially formulated to help remove greasy food soils from pots, pans and utensils.
** This item replaces: 43602 Dawn Manual Dishwashing Liquid **


Buckeye Sani-Q Sanitizing Solution - Gal.

SKU# 706 MFG Part# 5680-1000

Quaternary sanitizing solution for use in sanitizing glassware, tableware, cooking utensils, food processing equipment and hard surfaces. Excellent deodorizing capabilities. Economical dilution ratios. EPA registered, USDA Listed.
** This item replaces: 1124 Disinfectant Cleaner E-SAN 205 **


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