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Benefits of Preventative Maintenance

Fishman is now offering preventative maintenance as well as mobile repairs. Fishman will now be dispatching a factory trained technician out to your location to evaluate, maintain and repair your specialty cleaning equipment.

Eliminate "Down" Time

Eliminate "Down" Time

Ensure that machines have little to no downtime while they are in your possession. Equipment's true ROI relies on it being as functional as possible for as many days as possible. With Fishman Supplies preventative Maintenance program gets the most return on your equipment investment by keeping all your equipment in tip-top shape.

Warranty Guarantee

Warranty Guarantee

Filing for equipment warranties is a difficult process! Let us handle filing the paperwork and work through the process till completion. We will handle the paperwork while you handle the rest of your business!

New Personnel Training

Proper Training

Receive proper training from professionals onsite with your end-user. Proper care techniques can be taught to ensure machines are treated the way they are intended to.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Never worry about your newly purchased equipment deteriorating allowing less supervision over equipment.

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  • Fishman Supply will send a factory certified technician to your location(s) to perform preventative service on the machine(s) listed below. The Fishman technician will perform inspections, adjustments, replace parts and consumable items as needed. All parts and consumables for installation will require authorization before work begins.
  • There is a one-time trip charge to dispatch our PM van out to your location of $75. Once the Fishman technician is on site there is a $110 per hour rate for their time. If the technician needs to order parts and be redispatches out there will NOT be an additional $75 trip charge.
  • The Fishman Technician can work on any number of machines during one trip, if a location change is required an additional trip charge will be applied to the work order. Multiple work orders can be worked on in one trip but if a second day is required to complete the list of work orders an additional trip charge will be applied.
  • In order to change the frequency that Fishman Preventative service is dispatched out written notice of 30 days prior is required.
  • Payment Terms: Net 30 days. Prices and rates subject to change with 30 Days’ notice from Fishman Supply.
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We're Locally Owned and Operated.

We've been a family business since 1967 so you'll get the personalized service you expect from a company that's part of your community.

Fishman Supply Preventative Maintenance plans to provide local expert service to keep your investments working properly for longer. Limit your downtime with fast onsite service no matter where your machines are deployed. You can expect to receive follow up from our factory-trained technicians on your machine status and upcoming replacement for wear items and potential problems down the road.

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